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The Data for the Rising Generation

Alighting paths to the aspirations of your family's leaders in-waiting

  • 20 min
  • Discovery Session
  • Newport Center Drive

Service Description

As someone striving to raise children of a dynastic family, I became a disciple of the teachings of legendary private, family wealth crusader, Jay Hughes and his associates (see Complete Family Wealth, The Rising Generation, Family Trusts, Family Wealth and other works). The most natural next step was to connect our data driven behavioral science to their wisdom (for the growth of families’ human, intellectual, social, spiritual and financial capitals). The result was like adding Miracle Grow to the roots of your family tree! More importantly, the Rising Generation not only has accurate self- knowledge (of their own Superhero traits & Kryptonite); but now you have hard data to leverage your true natural talents and clear pathways to a life of loving what you decide to do. From now on, you will know that your successes have less to do with your family name and more to do with Who You Are!

Contact Details

  • 220 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA, USA

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