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Choose Your Plan

  • Executive Coaching

    Every month
    for individuals seeking to maximize themselves
    Valid for 8 months
    • Assessment of the basis of your true natural talents
    • Identify the environments where you thrive most
    • Complete energy management strategy
    • Uncover your predispositions to cognitive blind spots
    • Mapping your future with the Scrum Method
    • No set time limits + I am on call for you
    • * Payment plans available.
  • Power Couples

    Every month
    for power-pairs striving to maximize their combined talents
    Valid for 8 months
    • All the data in the Executive Plan, for both members
    • Comparative Analysis of each of your natural strengths
    • Strategy the unintended stress triggers you cause each other
    • Unbiased translation of your unspoken needs
    • Career and life mapping for maximum impact
    • Uncover your natural bridges and barriers of connection
    • * Payment plans available.
  • Rising Generations

    Every month
    for those who are on-track to lead
    Valid for 8 months
    • Everything listed in the Executive Plan, +
    • Clarify your own dreams, work & vocation
    • Navigate personal relationships w/in the context of wealth
    • Avoiding Sudden Wealth Syndrome
    • Invitations to discussions with bonafide peer groups
    • * Payment plans available.
  • Families of Affinity

    Designed on the principles of Complete Family Wealth
    Valid for one year
    • Grow 4 of 5 forms of capital within Complete Family Wealth
    • Learn each family member's cognitive predispositions
    • Explore the natural Superhero traits of each family
    • Understand each family member's cognitive kryptonite
    • Enhance family survival beyond the 7th generation
    • Use cognitive data to manage & grow the family enterprise
    • Use cognitive data to enhance selection of trustees
    • Members under age 30 qualify for the Rising Generation Plan
    • * Payment plans available.
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